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Concrete polishing is about more than just making your concrete flooring look pretty. It also gives it new life, protecting it from the ravages of time so that it can serve you for years to come. 

Whether you are a homeowner or a business, our team can assist you with concrete polishing. We provide this service in residential, commercial, and industrial units and have years of experience in the industry. Our high-quality solutions boost the beauty and functionality of your spaces. Talk to us today to get your new floor.

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What Are Epoxy Polished Floors? 

Epoxy polished floors are a type of flooring that involves the application of an epoxy coating over a concrete surface. Epoxy flooring consists of a polymer-based bonding paste and is formed of two-part polymers, typically blended with sand or aggregate. This creates a solid system used for resurfacing concrete flooring to withstand high impacts. 

Epoxy mortar is an incredibly strong adhesive used in many settings and creates an airtight barrier against a whole manner of external forces. 

Polished floors involve the act of grinding, honing, and polishing concrete surfaces to achieve a finish that is smooth and reflective. This results in an elegant floor with a glossy sheen that looks amazing while also providing safe and stable flooring for foot traffic, machinery, and anything you want to place on it.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Polished Floors? 

Many people, whether entrepreneurs in charge of a business, factory owners working in industries, or residential homeowners, turn to epoxy polished flooring to provide a number of solutions to flooring problems. There are many advantages to epoxy polished floors:


If you are looking for concrete polishing services that provide epoxy flooring or you just want to fine-tune your existing concrete flooring, epoxy polished floors are incredibly durable in different settings. For example, in an industrial setting, it can withstand the weight of equipment and foot traffic, while also being difficult to chip or scratch. It is slip, heat, and impact-resistant and can even resist chemicals that may cause corrosion.

Low Maintenance

Whether in a residential setting or commercial premises, epoxy polished floors are a practical, low-maintenance solution, only requiring the occasional sweeping or mopping to maintain its aesthetic, including the sheen that provides a major aesthetic benefit.

An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Epoxy polished floors are a green solution to flooring because there are no hazardous materials used in its creation or maintenance. It is also environmentally friendly because the polished sheen reflects light, meaning a potentially reduced need for lighting in the home and place of business that could result in cheaper energy bills.

A Safe Option

Because of its shiny surface, there can be concerns about slipperiness, but because epoxy coating is non-slip, this makes any concrete flooring a safe solution. Whether you are concerned about employees slipping over, resulting in a potential lawsuit, or a relative uneasy on their feet at home, epoxy flooring is an incredibly safe option.

A Customizable Solution

Epoxy is a versatile material that comes in a variety of colors and styles, resulting in you being able to choose how your flooring aligns with your environment. Whether this is in a factory and you need the flooring to be as visible as possible to minimize hazards or blend in with the environment of your home, epoxy flooring is an infinitely customizable solution.

How Epoxy Polished Floors are at Home in Any Environment

At Polished Flooring, we provide different services, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, to ensure you get what you need. Here’s how epoxy polished floors can benefit your specific needs:


Epoxy flooring is a very popular choice within residential settings. Its durability makes it a long flooring solution to various areas in the home. If you are looking for a garage floor coating near you, we can provide epoxy flooring as well as offer it as an excellent solution in spaces like bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. 

Being resistant to slips, stains, and water, they are ideal for maintaining a clean and worry-free environment at home. Additionally, homeowners can customize the look of their floors to suit their preferences, ensuring the perfect blend of style and safety. 

Epoxy flooring is an affordable solution in comparison to other types of flooring, and its durability guarantees it’s a cost-effective long-term investment.


Epoxy floors are highly beneficial in commercial settings. Epoxy coatings create a seamless and hygienic surface, making them suitable for a variety of commercial spaces such as clinics, hospitals, restaurants, and so much more. 

A highly durable material, epoxy flooring can resist various substances from water to acid, grease, and bleach, making them an ideal solution within commercial settings. For businesses priding themselves on aesthetics, epoxy floors offer a number of solutions for customization in patterns, textures, and colors, resulting in visually pleasing flooring while also being easy to maintain and clean, making them a very practical choice in commercial applications. 

If you are looking for epoxy flooring in Mississauga and surrounding areas, it is an invaluable material.


Large-scale industrial operations benefit from epoxy flooring because of its durability and resistance, including harsh chemicals like oils and acids, which makes them at home within the automotive, food, and manufacturing settings where spills and leaks are very common. 

As epoxy flooring can be customized with non-slip properties, it becomes an ideal solution for workplaces that have heavy foot traffic. Being easy to clean and maintain contributes to a hygienic and safe working environment. 

As epoxy flooring is a versatile option that can meet the needs of different industrial environments, being at home in warehouses, garages, laboratories, and so much more, it can withstand heavy loads and rough treatments, making it a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Contact Polished Flooring for All of Your Epoxy Polished Floor Needs in Vaughan

If you are looking for the best concrete polishing contractors, at Polished Flooring, we are one of the best services that can help you in achieving that perfect floor finish. We provide only the best equipment, a commitment to quality, and fantastic customer support every step of the way. 

With over two decades of experience, catering our diverse services to customers in residential, commercial, and industrial units, we can get you what you need. If you are looking for concrete polishing services, epoxy flooring, or anything else, contact us today, and a friendly member of our team will be ready to assist you so you get the flooring solution that will elevate your project.

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Revamping your garage with an epoxy garage floor? It’s a journey worth taking. You’ve learned the ropes, from understanding epoxy floors to their preparation and application.

You now know how to choose the right type of coating, colors that boost appeal, and even how to add decorative flakes for that custom look.

Maintaining this beauty? No sweat. With our guide on proper care and regular cleaning tips, longevity is guaranteed.

DYI or professional help? The choice is yours! Weigh in the pros and cons before you make a decision.

In essence: arm yourself with knowledge. That’s your ticket towards owning an awe-inspiring garage space!