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Polished Concrete Toronto

Polished Concrete Toronto


Polished concrete is one of the most popular flooring options for a diversity of reasons. It delivers a high level of aesthetic appeal to any setting and harbours a host of mighty benefits. If you’re hoping for flooring that’s built to withstand years of regular use while being easy to maintain, this is a prime choice. 

We know what you’re thinking: how do you get polished concrete in Toronto? Lucky for you, we’re one of the premium providers of polished concrete flooring in Toronto and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience, we’re perfectly positioned to help you with your upcoming project. 

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We Provide Polished Concrete Services For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Units!

It doesn’t matter the size or scope of your property; we’re capable of handling jobs of any size across various sectors. That’s why we extend this service to residential, commercial and industrial units in Toronto. 

Residential Polished Concrete in Toronto

At Polished Flooring, we’ve worked with countless residential customers to bring the joys of polished concrete to their Toronto homes. In our view, this flooring option is perfect for the following uses: 

  • Kitchen floor
  • Garage floor
  • Bathroom floor

It’s water-resistant so can withstand regular splashes and is strong enough to handle very heavy loads without cracking – like cars or trucks. To make life even easier, our concrete polishing contractors can work on existing concrete floors for you. So, if your home has some concrete you’d like to spruce up and make more durable and visually appealing, give us a call. 

Commercial Polished Concrete in Toronto

Stepping away from residential settings, we also offer commercial polished concrete in Toronto. When running a business or owning a commercial property, your flooring must have certain characteristics. It needs to be: 

  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable enough to withstand heavy traffic
  • Sustainable & environmentally friendly
  • Aesthetically pleasing

As luck would have it, polished concrete ticks all of these boxes – and many more. It’s perfectly suited to commercial settings and is particularly excellent if you’re looking for commercial garage flooring. We believe that polished concrete garage floors are truly the only option worth considering. Your garage will look stunning and retain its brilliance for years to come. 

Industrial Polished Concrete in Toronto

Are you trying to find flooring options for a warehouse or factory? Polished concrete is ideal for industrial settings thanks to its supreme durability. More than that, we can combine this with our epoxy flooring service to seal the concrete and make it extra hygienic. Sealing will prevent moisture from building up in the pores or tiny cracks, so there’s a lower chance of things like mould or mildew growth. 

In an industrial setting where you may be manufacturing food or various products to head to the consumer market, health & safety is always the number one priority. So, it pays to ensure that your flooring adheres to the highest standards possible. In this regard, polished concrete is one of the only viable options. 

Why Choose Us For Polished Concrete Services in Toronto?

No matter what category you fall into – residential, commercial, or industrial – you must choose us for polished concrete services in Toronto. 

Why? Because we offer a service like no other. Our team goes above and beyond to help you get the best results possible. Every Polished Flooring customer will enjoy the following: 

  • Expert Advice From Talented Professionals – We’ve been in the business for 20+ years and will gladly provide advice on polished concrete whenever you need it. We can answer any questions to ensure you make an informed decision when ordering our service. 
  • Beautiful Polished Concrete That’s Made For You – Our service is bespoke, meaning all the choices are left to you. You pick what your polished concrete looks like and we’ll even throw in concrete staining too. We’re one of the leading providers of concrete staining in Toronto and this service helps add a new splash of colour to your flooring in whatever style you wish. 
  • A High Level Of Customer Care – We value our customers above everything else. Without you, we’d be nothing. That’s why we make it our mission to deliver the highest level of customer care imaginable! It’s our duty to leave you 100% satisfied and we’ll never quit a job until this happens. 
  • Free Quotes – We’ve seen other providers of polished concrete in Toronto offer quotes for a fee. We’ll never do this. You don’t pay a penny unless you’re happy with the quote we’ve provided. Our rates are extremely competitive but all of our quotes are 100% free with no obligation tied to them. 

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

Other flooring options exist, so why choose polished concrete? Throughout the many years of providing this service in Toronto, we’ve discovered countless reasons to use polished concrete. Some of the best ones are listed below: 

  • Offers An Exceptional ROI – Polished concrete is affordable to install and will cost around the same as laying down carpet. However, it costs far less to look after and you make back your investment far quicker than other flooring options. 
  • Great For The Environment – Concrete is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring types out there. Better yet, we can polish existing concrete floors on your property, helping you breathe new life into them instead of throwing them away! 
  • Easy Maintenance Steps – You don’t need to do much to maintain a polished concrete floor. Whether it’s at home, in a commercial setting, or an industrial warehouse, maintenance is as easy as cleaning the flooring and sweeping now and then. 
  • Magnificently Durable – You’ll struggle to find a flooring option as durable as polished concrete. It can easily withstand vast amounts of footfall, or handle heavy loads of vehicle traffic for years without exhibiting cracks or defects. 

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Upgrade your flooring with our delightful polished concrete services in Toronto. We make life easy by handling every part of the job for you. This includes installing the concrete and going through the entire polishing process. Feel free to add on other surfaces – like concrete staining – to further customize your floors. 

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