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Epoxy Flooring Richmond Hill

Epoxy Flooring Richmond Hill

Does your home, industrial, or commercial space require heavy-duty flooring that will stand the test of time? Then epoxy flooring, a robust flooring type that’s well-equipped to handle vehicle, foot, and machinery traffic, may be just what you’re looking for.

Epoxy floor coatings are increasingly popular in a wide range of buildings thanks to their strength, high functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Here at Polished Flooring, our expert team of flooring professionals are on hand to guide you through the process of adding epoxy flooring to your property. To get started, simply get in touch for a no-obligation quote.

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Epoxy Flooring: For Industrial, Commercial, and Home Applications

Epoxy flooring is highly versatile, and can be installed in a wide range of properties. It’s suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. In effect, it can be added wherever it’s needed — if you’re in need of strong, durable, and low-maintenance flooring, then epoxy could be the perfect solution.

Epoxy flooring is especially popular in industrial and manufacturing facilities thanks to its high levels of functionality and safety credentials. It also offers a sleek and professional aesthetic, helping to effortlessly elevate the decor of the space, and is easy to clean. Dealing with spillages? The non-porous epoxy means you can easily keep the surface clean, without the risk of damaging the flooring.

The floor material is also frequently added to homes. Garage epoxy flooring in particular is popular. It’s naturally resistant to spillages, and is also good for the environment, helping to keep the home a healthy space. 

The Many Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

There are many different types of flooring available. But pound-for-pound, it’s hard to look past epoxy flooring. This floor material is functional, long-lasting, and can boost the aesthetics of the space. While it’s reserved for floors that receive heavy foot and vehicle traffic, for that purpose, there’s no other flooring type that can compete. Some of the primary advantages of epoxy flooring include:

It’s Long Lasting

Epoxy flooring is highly durable. While nothing lasts forever, you can expect your new epoxy flooring to last a long, long time — and you’ll only have to engage in minimal maintenance tasks, too. Other floor materials, such as tile, require constant upkeep, which costs both time and money. 

It Can Installed Quickly

If you run a business, then you’ll know that time is money. You’ll want your facility to be up and running as much as possible. Epoxy flooring can be installed relatively quickly, ensuring that the installation process offers minimal disruption to your operations. In some cases, your facility can stay open while we work.

It’s Easy to Clean

Epoxy is non-porous, which means that any leaks or spillages stay on the surface, making keeping your floor as easy as possible. You can simply wipe up any spills without running the risk of damaging the floor.

Affordable and Made to Last

There is an upfront cost to adding epoxy flooring to your home or commercial space. However, the cost of adding epoxy flooring is still much cheaper than other options (for example, tile flooring). In many cases, less expensive options are usually inferior to more expensive options, but that’s not true of epoxy flooring. Additionally, the ease of maintenance means that you won’t need to spend much money keeping your flooring in tip-top condition, either. 

Why To Hire Professional Epoxy Floor Experts

It’s important to work with professional epoxy floor experts when you’re adding epoxy flooring to your space. While the installation is relatively simple, it still requires experience and expertise. By working with the leading epoxy flooring company in Richmond Hill, you can ensure that your project is completed more quickly and in line with your budget — and that the results are made to last.

Get in Touch with Polished Flooring for a Quote

If you’re ready to get all the benefits of adding epoxy flooring to your commercial building, industrial facilities, or home, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Polished Flooring

With plenty of experience and expertise under our belt, we’re considered to be the number one epoxy flooring company in Richmond Hill and the surrounding area. We aim to make the installation process as straightforward as possible from beginning to end, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll get the floor that’s right for your needs with as little disruption to your everyday operations as possible. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation quote. 

Are You Ready To Build New Project With Us?

We also provide a range of other epoxy solutions for residential and further commercial projects. So whether you need restaurant epoxy flooring, or office epoxy floors, we’re here to make it happen. Reach out to our team today to discuss the difference our epoxy flooring solutions can make to your commercial space.