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Concrete Polishing Contractors Toronto

Concrete Polishing Contractors Toronto

Are you looking for Epoxy floor installations in Toronto, or searching for concrete polishing contractors near me online? Then you have come to the right place as here at Polished Flooring we deal with both polish concrete options and epoxy flooring solutions in Toronto and the surrounding area. Just keep reading to find out more about these two options, and the services we can provide. 

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Polished concrete vs. epoxy floor

Before you begin your search for a flooring contractor in Toronto it’s a good idea to know a little about both the concrete and the epoxy options. 

Epoxy flooring

First of all, let’s take a look at epoxy flooring. This is a type of concrete floor that can be used in residential and commercial applications. The concrete part of the floor is coated with an epoxy finish made from resin and chemicals that harden it when it’s laid. 

One of the biggest benefits of epoxy flooring is that it’s incredibly safe, non-slip, and robust. This means it’s a great option for commercial properties as it can withstand all sorts of challenges from heavy machinery, to water, to chemical spills and still stay intact. 

Additionally, relatively speaking epoxy flooring is a low-cost option for the level of durability you receive. You can also get some impressive finishes from epoxy flooring which means you won’t have to compromise when it comes to style and safety. 

Last of all, epoxy floors require very little maintenance apart from regular cleaning which they withstand very well, making them a great low-effort choice that will last for a long time. 

However, it is important to note that epoxy flooring has to be installed by an expert because it’s a specialist process that requires the right experience, equipment and training. Indeed, without expert installation, you risk losing all of the benefits listed above. 

Polished concrete flooring

Great looking, good value, and low maintenance, polished concrete flooring can be a good choice for both commercial and residential contexts. The attractive finish of polished concrete is accomplished by using a specialist grinding machine to achieve either a mirror-like or matte result. 

Many people choose polished concrete flooring because it’s an affordable option that requires very little maintenance and is easy to care for. Polish concrete flooring can also help to reduce allergens in a space that would get caught in carpet, so it can make a great choice for homes and businesses alike.  

However, it is worth noting being aware of the following potential issues you could encounter with polished concrete. In particular, polished concrete can become a slippery surface when wet, which means it may not be ideal for all commercial applications or for use in residential bathrooms or kitchens where water is frequently used. 

Is epoxy or polished concrete flooring right for your needs?

Now that you know more about the benefits and disadvantages of each style of flooring, you are probably wondering which is the best option for your commercial or residential space in Toronto. 

Well, if you are looking for a floor that will offer you maximum safety and longevity then epoxy is a great choice. However, if you want to keep your initial costs low and ensure you have an attractive floor at a lower price then polished concrete is ideal. 

Choose Polished Flooring for all your epoxy flooring and polish concrete needs!  

If you are ready to choose either polished concrete flooring or epoxy flooring, then it’s time to begin your search for a contractor. The good news is that whether you are searching for concrete contractors near me, or epoxy flooring contractors near me, we can help! 

Indeed, with over 20 years of experience in the trade, the dedicated and knowledgeable team at Polished Flooring has you covered, and will not only be able to advise you on whether epoxy or polished concrete is the best choice for your property, but will be able to troubleshoot any challenges or issues that could arise during the project as well. 

Additionally here at Polished Concrete, we make sure that all our skilled technicians always have access to the best quality, and most up-to-date equipment. This ensures the finish on your flooring project is always of the highest quality. 

Last of all, when it comes to customer service, Polished Flooring can’t be beat! After all, we are not only fully committed to offering you a quality product that lasts and lasts, but to ensure that you have the most pleasant and stress-free experience when dealing with us, and as your project progresses. 

Are You Ready To Build New Project With Us?

 When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands: We’ll work with you to get a firm understanding of your requirements and then complete the task with the utmost professionalism that causes as little disruption to your everyday activities as possible. Once we’re done, you’ll have the perfect polished concrete floor that stands the test of time.